Divorce Coaching

Divorce is a legal process, and it is an emotional one. Your lawyer will ensure that all of your legal rights and responsibilities are covered, and as a Divorce Coach, I bring a different and complementary set of skills to the process.

1. I will help you create order out of chaos

The divorce process includes a lot of information and paperwork and facts and figures. I will help you make sense of it all. We will work to ensure that you understand your family finances so you can proceed effectively with your lawyer and/or mediator.

2. I will be your thinking partner and help you cut through the confusion.

So often in conflict we know exactly what we don’t want, and shifting to understanding what we do want is harder than it seems. I will help you peel the layers of the onion and get to what really matters and will help you stay focused in that direction. I will support you along the way with a safe, supportive, nonjudgmental and patient environment.

3. I will help you untangle your emotions from the business of divorce.

The decision to enter into the divorce process can be traumatic for both the one who initiates proceedings and the one who receives the decision. Emotions can be all over the map from shock and betrayal to relief and guilt.
As your Divorce Coach, I can help you manage the psychological and emotional aspects of divorce so that you can make effective decisions and start to heal.
From initial organization and planning to periodic meetings throughout your divorce, all services are customized to fit your individual needs.